Enhancement of the system for Agriculture and Fisheries Education through the integration of Green and Remote Sensing Technologies Towards Food Security, Sustainability, Health and Safety of the Environment (SAFE>GRS>FOSHE)

Project Safe is a CHED funded project which generally aimed to improve and transform the agriculture and fisheries education through extension by means of dissemination of green and remote sensing technologies to selected students, farmers, LGUs and local communities in Central Luzon using various promotional techniques and strategies. Technology promotion is very imperative for the knowledge and awareness of the people. The green and remote sensing technologies which have been developed and generated through the help of different government funding agencies will be promoted that could awaken the consciousness of the people about the importance of biodiversity conservation for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, use of phytoremediation technology for the mitigation of environmental pollution for a more stable and eco-friendly ways of agricultural farming and the production of modern, informative maps generated by LiDAR technology to mitigate climate change impacts. Many research results are being generated in the scientific communities, but the problem is the lack of diffusion of this knowledge to the local communities. Matured technologies are important and powerful tools that would help the communities when disseminated properly. Conduct of training, seminar workshops, provision of IEC materials, promotion through social media, database development, ICT and creation of learning center to endorse and uphold the green and mature technologies will surely enhance public awareness. Evaluation and monitoring of the promotional activities will also be conducted. Our aim is to revolutionize information dissemination and awaken each individual to the importance of these mature technologies for the agriculture and fisheries sector and education system which will likely affect the lives of everyone to instigate actions, change practice and formulate policies to manage and protect the environment towards upgrading the quality, sustainability and global competitiveness of agriculture and fisheries education in our country.


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