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eFARM Academy is a CLSU-initiated project funded by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) that would position the university as a premiere international agri-fishery techno-education tourism hub. Develop a passion for learning, enroll now and help bring people closer to productivity, click here.

This will showcase the existing food and agricultural technologies developed by CLSU, such as rice and vegetable production, organic farming, hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture, livestock raising, mushroom production and among others through the production of electronic course modules. On-site experiental learners will also be accomodated.

The products out of the agrifishery technologies of CLSU and other PHEIs will be transformed into mouth-watering recipes with the help of the experienced chefs or cooks in town. The viewers and actual tourists will also learn food processing and food preservation technologies.

Project Safe is a CHED funded project which generally aimed to improve and transform the agriculture and fisheries education through extension by means of dissemination of green and remote sensing technologies to selected students, farmers, LGUs and local communities in Central Luzon using various promotional techniques and strategies. Enhancement of the system for Agriculture and Fisheries Education through the integration of Green and Remote Sensing Technologies Towards Food Security, Sustainability, Health and Safety of the Environment (SAFE>GRS>FOSHE)


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